22/02 – Silencio Episode VIII: “The Tramp”


Silencio Episode IX

The Tramp”


Emak – Bakia (M. Ray, 1926, ca. 16′, Avant-Garde)

- short break -

The Tramp (Ch. Chaplin, 1915, ca. 25′, Comedy)

live music: I can see sound (P. Voulgaris, Ax.Art)

Sunday 22/02, 20:00, Myxa Cafe, Lenaustr. 22

Silencio FAQ


-Silencio is a unique event that brings together two art forms: silent movies and live music.


-Silencio is being organised by I can see sound, the weird guys that you see playing music live to the pictures.

-When and where?

-Currently Silencio is a monthly event and it takes place at A Place Called Myxa, Lenaustr. 22 in Kreuzberg.

-OK. How much?

-A suggested donation of 3 Euros.

-WTF is “suggested donation”?

-”Suggested donation” means that we feel that a small amount of 3 Euros would be a great support for us to continue running Silencio. However, if you do not feel like giving anything or you are broke, it is OK. We are not fucking Wall St. Just to make things clear though, if you want to give us more we will not say no!

-Alles klar, is there a way to keep informed about coming events?

-Sure thing. There are plenty of ways to keep in touch:

Website: http://www.axart.net

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-can-see-sound/714566221952438

Twitter: #AxArtInBerlin

Thanks and enjoy!

Song Yuzhe: “Collection of Short Broken Songs”

Great news, the solo CD of my good friend and bandmate Yuzhe -aka DaWangGang- is out! It is called Collection of Short Broken Songs and it features 12 short music poems with a fresh and original approach that I think redefine the term “folk music”. We mixed and mastered it together in DaWangGang studios, Berlin during last December. Currently the CD is only available in China though Tree Music Records (www.treemusic.com.cn) but you can listen to one of the songs here:

Coming soon: debut LP by “I can see sound”

i can see sound CD cover


I am very happy to announce that our first I can see sound LP is almost ready with a great cover by our super-talented graphic designer Dimitra G. – we love you girl! It features 9 full length tracks, including a surprise bonus track that is guaranteed to wake up your hidden post-minimalist self. The other tracks feature guitars, woodwinds, percussion, iPad and live looping… a lot of it. Seriously. Stay tuned for more details!

Here is a sneak preview of what you would expect to hear:

New Video: Sound Collage Episode I

Ax.Art presents: Sound Collage Episode I

If you liked the video consider becoming a Patron. For more information visit http://www.patreon.com/axart

Sound Collage is a concept that I started developing around 2005 and it encompasses the idea of music as a continuous, flowing stream of melodies, rhythms and sounds that dissolve into each other, forming a soundscape that could be a form of contemporary life’s soundtrack. In that respect I use a wide range of music devices, from keyboards to iPad, computer and loops pedals. The fascinating thing is that everything happens in real-time, so it is a performance as much as a composition and thus every collage is a unique piece of art.

Sound Collage by Ax.Arthttp://www.axart.net
Tune in to http://www.ineedradio.org every Monday 20:00-21:00 (German time) for the live “Sound Collage” radio show!

Silencio Episode VII: “Bloody Mary X-Mas”


Yes, it is about time for our December’s Silencio, the unique event that brings together the best that silent cinema has to offer, be it mainstream or hardcore avant-garde, with one of the town’s most exciting music/performance ensembles, I can see sound who perform live at every event.

Anything can happen -and, let’s be honest, it usually does- in Silencio, but more often than not it is a frigging great way to spend your Sunday evening.

So, what are you waiting for? Come down this Sunday 14 December at Myxa (you do not want to know what the word means in Greek), Lenaustr. 22 and join us for a night of flying elephants, cool bananas and the occasional inflatable doll. Starts at 20:00, entrance is free although a suggested donation of 3 Euros is highly recommended.

Hasta la Vista babes!

P.S. Yes, it is the same picture from the previous Silencio, but it is cool ain’t it?

Silencio FAQ

Where: A place called Myxa, Lenaustr. 22, 12047
When: 20:00
What: You must be jocking, read the above!
Who: “I can see sound”, that is your beloved Panos and Ax.Art
How much: There is a suggestied donation of 3 Euros which is an absolute minimum that helps us continue doing Silencio. If you are really, really broke though it is OK, we are not Wall St.
Nice guys, but how can I keep track of the future events?: If you have a Twitter account, follow us on #AxArtInBerlin otherwise we also do FB, just look for I can see sound and like our page
What can I expect to hear?: OK, here are some examples: