LoAdKeR: New version – LoAdKeR 1.1.2


I am happy to announce the release of version 1.1.2 of my music app, LoAdKeR, that addresses compatibility issues with iOS 8. For those that have never heard the name before, LoAdKeR could be better described as a rhythm – event generator that makes use of certain properties found in non-linear systems. To put it simply, you can create chaotic, glitchy beats and textures in real-time. The app can also record the output so that you can further process and share it. Interested? Check it out here:


Here is an audio demo that demonstrates what LoAdKeR sounds like:

LoAdKeR: New version – LoAdKeR 1.1.2

New Video: “A Petit Dance” by Ax.Art Music Production, Royalty – Free music

Did you like this track? You can licence it for your projects here

For more premium quality royalty-free music by Ax.Art click here


Ax.Art is a music production house based in Berlin, specialising in premium quality music at affordable prices for various media including films, TV, web, and games. Ax.Art’ s music has been featured in award-wining documentaries, short films, computer games, as well as theatre and dance productions and installations. The mastermind behind Ax.Art is Achilleas Sourlas, a prolific and versatile composer of Greek origin. Falling in love with composition from early on, Achilleas started writing music at 12 and has not stopped since then. He wrote his first orchestral works at 15, influenced by film composers such as John Williams and Zbigniew Preisner. He later went on to study composition, music production and performance and established Ax.Art in 2005 while living in London.

©2015 Ax.Art. All rights reserved.

New Video: “A Petit Dance” by Ax.Art Music Production, Royalty – Free music

22/02 – Silencio Episode VIII: “The Tramp”


Silencio Episode IX

The Tramp”


Emak – Bakia (M. Ray, 1926, ca. 16′, Avant-Garde)

– short break –

The Tramp (Ch. Chaplin, 1915, ca. 25′, Comedy)

live music: I can see sound (P. Voulgaris, Ax.Art)

Sunday 22/02, 20:00, Myxa Cafe, Lenaustr. 22

Silencio FAQ


Silencio is a unique event that brings together two art forms: silent movies and live music.


Silencio is being organised by I can see sound, the weird guys that you see playing music live to the pictures.

-When and where?

Currently Silencio is a monthly event and it takes place at A Place Called Myxa, Lenaustr. 22 in Kreuzberg.

-OK. How much?

A suggested donation of 3 Euros.

-WTF is “suggested donation”?

”Suggested donation” means that we feel that a small amount of 3 Euros would be a great support for us to continue running Silencio. However, if you do not feel like giving anything or you are broke, it is OK. We are not fucking Wall St. Just to make things clear though, if you want to give us more we will not say no!

-Alles klar, is there a way to keep informed about coming events?

Sure thing. There are plenty of ways to keep in touch:

Website: http://www.axart.net

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-can-see-sound/714566221952438

Twitter: #AxArtInBerlin

Thanks and enjoy!

22/02 – Silencio Episode VIII: “The Tramp”